At JHT, we believe that product development is the driving force that enables a company to grow. Only through product development and advancing technology will a company sustain a positive growth rate.

Our international R&D team is composed of American, Taiwanese and Chinese teams of more than 300 engineers conducting research in electronics, electrical, software and ergonomic design and development. The American team is responsible for product line improvement, exterior design, function and size development; the Taiwanese and Chinese teams are responsible for software, hardware, structural development and the commercialized packaging design.

Research & Development



One of JHT's biggest strengths, product innovation, is at the core of what we do and how we stay ahead of industry trends and our customers' needs. Based at our North American headquarters in Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, our research and development team is responsible for key tech and component development while maintaining high product value. From the industry's first folding elliptical to the launch of the Matrix Ascent trainer, JHT's creative and technical resources have made us one of the most innovative, fastest-growing industry players. We are constantly reshaping the customer experience.



Our highly-skilled and creative team of engineers lead the product design process in areas of appearance, structure, electrical and key components. This in-house advantage allows us to rapidly plan and allocate our resources when designing and developing new products, thereby shortening the length of the product development process considerably.

Global by Design



JHT has a specially dedicated department that conducts stability, capability and lifetime tests on all products before they reach the market so that we can guarantee optimal value, quality and durability.

To ensure the elliptical design meets our criteria, we created a cylinder mechanism which completes the workout as a real person would, allowing us to create and test the perfect stride, ease-of-use and optimal accessibility. For our treadmills, a robotic feet tester helps us to understand user impact levels, giving us crucial insight into cushioning support and overall comfort. To ensure the torque of our exercise bikes, our engineers are able to review the results of a specialized torque tester that communicates bike resistance, allowing us to design the best resistance system possible.

An increasing investment in console technology has allowed JHT to create cutting edge, fun and easy-to-use consoles for all products, spanning all levels of features and price points.