Strategic Partners

As one of the world's largest fitness manufacturers, JHT has brought more innovative and unique concepts to the industry than any other company. We're able to do this by combining a talented development team with exclusive partner relationships from within our industry and beyond. Our partners excel in their fields and, together with JHT, are helping to reshape the fitness industry.

Virtual Active

What if you could escape to the lush forests of Hawaii; hike the majestic Grand Canyon; or run Sin City's infamous Strip, all during the course of a workout with the touch of a button? Virtual Active by Matrix delivers a revolutionary workout experience, allowing you to see your destination in the dynamic video content displayed on the console, feel gradual terrain changes under your feet, and hear the ambient sounds through headphones, for a near total immersion.

Johnny G KRANKcycle

Johnny G, the famed creator of Spinning®, along with Matrix Fitness, introduced his vision for a new, inclusive fitness modality that is already bringing renewed energy to group exercise and the entire fitness community. The KRANKcycle is a hand-generated cycle that features independent krank arms to exponentially build cardiovascular, upper-body and core strength.


The perfect fitness solution! JHT teamed up with fitness expert and author Phil Campbell to bring this anaerobic program exclusively to Vision Fitness cardio products. The most effective and efficient workout of its kind-and touted by Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine as “the fastest-working workout”-SPRINT 8 takes only 20 minutes and naturally releases growth hormone, proven at the cellular level to cut body fat, reduce wrinkles, boost energy and increase muscle.